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Kaspar Ludwig

Things are full of empty gods

«All things are full of gods» – this phrase of Thales is a fundamental key to my work. The quotation contains an expression of animism. The form of a vase is probably the best to express this idea. A simple and at the same time essential object in the history of culture that has allowed us to trade, carry and store all kinds of things. Especially in the Mediterranean area, this object has accompanied many adventures, long journeys and has witnessed great stories and encounters between different cultures. The vase is a protagonist in stories like Hesiod’s The works and the days, where the famous vase of Pandora is containing the evils hitherto unknown to us, or Luigi Pirandello’s story La giara (The Jar), a Sicilian story in which a craftsman is repairing a broken vase by closing its inner side. The strength of this artifact lies in the void it contains. As a symbol of hope and abundance the empty vase represents the possibility of becoming, of something not yet activated and thus a totally open potential. The ears as the reference to a human appearance, are adding individual characteristics to my objects, elevating them from being simple vases. My jars are silent witnesses linked to a practice of welcoming and listening. They are objects that will always receive and embody new gods. The ears are adding strange features to them. They might look a little clumsy but at the same time their forms are stemming from an ancient tradition.