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Dorian Ozhan Sari

111 (make the unknown unknown, partialy known unknown) / Bleaching

Main core of my work is looking into human beings, cultures and projects and mix them with personal mythology. I am a close observer of politics, motions and social movements. In my installations I create completely fictional, theatrical, film scenes. My narrative universes mostly take the form of sculptures and sometimes video projections. Achieving a sublimation of actuality with materials found in the street is one of my main interests. Discharging my observations into these materials involves ceremonies and rituals in the process of production. Sometimes it is just a quiet sewing, sometimes it takes the form of a silent confession. My sculptures tell a story with the language of poetic symbols. Parallel to this communication between the conscious and the collective sub-conscious, there are some moments of confession where my own self becomes the protagonist and is clearly telling the hard words. This dialogue between video and sculptural forms is a bipolar representation of the same source. Pointing at current affairs and taking a measure with my multidisci- plinary background and artistic vision is the main point of my work.