Hannah Campbell

Cosmic Order

“There is a loss of soul in our culture,

a general emptiness around us.

People are looking for something and

I think a lot of people don’t quite know what they are looking for.

Astrology falls into that.”

(Stefan Durlach)

Astrology is ever present in many people’s lives. It seems to be a reassuring thought

to imagine that everything’s written in the stars and we’re living our destiny, rather

than just bumping haphazardly around in space and time.

I enjoyed slipping into the roll play of a “fashion-astrologer”, using the astrological

calendar together with my own observations.

I intended to recognize the similarities people have with one another with reference to

their astrological personality traits, while still focussing on the peculiarities of the

individual, despite the star constellation on his or her date of birth.

The idea of individual physicality ties my collection together and gives it a sensuous

feel. For me, each look should be unique and focused on the atmosphere each

individual creates.

I wish to portray a collection that is sleek and elegant, while exuding a relaxed

playfulness full of wit and irony. The pieces should reflect a calm mood while being

comfortable and bring happiness to the wearer.

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