Zubin Lakra

Censored to Be Seen

Studium: Master Visuelle Kommunikation
Jahr: 2020
Mentor*innen: Mischa Leiner, Invar Torre Hollaus, Ted Davis

Censorship means to hide with a purpose. To keep a certain piece of information from the viewer. In our lives, we experience various forms of censorship though various mediums. Through my time with this project, I worked on the project as an investigation into the visual manifestation of censorship. On defining what censorship would look like put down paper, or seen on a screen. Looking at it everyday, and in everyday places. And being constantly reminded of its existence. With my project, I tried to explore the various visual forms of censorship, and how I selected my source of breaking news. In a way, I also sought to oppose the core idea of censorship through graphic design. To see how I could blur the line between censorship and highlight. If I could use what is considered conventional censorship to make a viewer actually look closer, maybe find a pattern in the information presented, or to even simply want to look further. This is also what I would consider stretching the limitations of what can actually be considered censorship. And working to alter its purpose. My thesis has always been about the investigative process surrounding the idea of censorship and how it affects content. I embarked on this process while concurrently answering the questions that I was confronted with throughout my entire investigative process.

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