Camille Chaubert


enlacer/ umarmen

Studium: Bachelor Mode Design
Jahr: 2022
Mentor*innen: Christine Rösch
Credits: Lookbilder @chaumont_zaerpour
Instagram: @camillechaube

It starts with a gesture.

A gesture that draws shapes on the body, works them little by little, plays with them and then fixes them. The gesture describes the process of finding the shape of the garment. The direct relationship

with the fabric, its weight and materiality. The action of the hand which seeks to give a form to the garment by working directly on the body and choosing on which parts the fabric will be implanted.

a hip

a shoulder blade

a clavicle

an armpit

a breast maybe

The garment slides over the body in places, revealing certain parts, letting pieces of skin appear, playing with sensuality. It is placed there, in a certain equilibrium, but could in a gesture be destabilized

and fall off the body, undressing it. These frozen states, but which can be undone in a single gesture,

underline the vulnerability of both the body and the elements that dress it.

The jewellery is a central point in the collection. They were developed in collaboration with a

Zurich-based jewellery artist, Chiara M. Davanzo. The fluidity of the forms developed refer to the

shapes, movements and sensuality of the body itself. Certain established gestures allow for both a certain amount of control and chance in the use of materials and the process of creating the forms.

The jewel migrates to settle on certain parts of the body, on certain parts of the clothes. It is in turn functional and aesthetic. At times it imposes its presence on the body or nestles in certain details of the garment. It sometimes acts in the construction of the latter, becoming an essential element in its maintenance on the body or being blocked somewhere on the garment.

The process emphasizes the development of an intimate and tender relationship between the materiality of the garment, the jewel and the body. Through this materiality, a vocabulary of sensations

and gestures is developed, which are expressed more or less intensely depending on the piece. The

garment grips the body or, on the contrary, slightly touches it . It gives the impression of sliding ten-

derly at times and in others of seizing the body more firmly, passing from one intensity to another.





and so on.

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