Joé Mertenat


Transfer of a stone materiality

Studium: Bachelor Visuelle Kommunikation und digitale Räume
Jahr: 2022
Mentor*innen: Claire Reymond, Ted Davis, Kambiz Shafei
Credits: 01. risography (concept 1) 02. photography (concept 1) 03. 2D scan (concept 1) 04. photography (concept 2) 05. photography (concept 2) 06. photography (concept 2)
Instagram: @mertenat_joe

The basis of my work is the notion of “transfer of (stone) materiality”. During an image production, I am interested in the fact that some elements or data of the model/referent, which in this work is a stone chosen for its many characteristics, are transferred and others are not. Depending on the medium or technique used, some qualities/elements/characteristics of the stone are sometimes preserved and showcased, and sometimes exaggerated and misinterpreted.

The basis of my project, my general interest, splits into two extremities. The first is to use the medium or technique as a revealer. Some elements of the stone are highlighted, in this case I learn about the stone or about a part of it. The second extremity is the exaggeration and misinterpretation of certain elements of the stone by the technique or the medium used. In this case, the materiality of the stone can change and become something else. I am no longer interested in what the stone is and what I am learning about it, but what the stone can become, what the stone can look like.

The questions that arise during my project are the following: What is the medium and the parameters best suited to highlight this or that feature of the model? What characteristics of the stone does each medium reveal? How can I provoke a wrong interpretation from the medium so that the stone looks like something else? What totally different appearances can the model take and which mediums and parameters of these mediums are used for this purpose?

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