Ilhan Zulji


materiality of the digital

Studium: Bachelor Visuelle Kommunikation und digitale Räume
Jahr: 2022
Mentor*innen: Ted Davis, Kambiz Shafeei, Claire Reymond


What is digital materiality? Our usual methods of analysis already fail when it comes to the fundamental question of the materiality of the digital. We link materiality with the physical properties of physical objects. However, this approach fails with digitality because it is not only decoupled from its physicality, but also arbitrary in its reproducibility and form of presentation. This discrepancy in the physicality of digital objects leads to a different assessment of their materiality. Therefore, unlike physical objects, the material characteristics of digitality are established by means of digital artifacts that make the structural processes of the digital visible and provide insight into the complex, prescriptive processes of digitality.

In my thesis I go in search of artifacts that can only exist in the digitality itself. I create an interactive world that illustrates and celebrates digital processes and allows them to be explored. I break down the façade and illusion of the digital and provide my personal answer to the question: what is digital materiality?

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