Nguizani Afonso Giaccherini Mfumu


Still and moving images juxtaposition and superimposition for object representation.

Design and Analysis of object visuals representation of Eclisse (lamp) by Vico Magistretti.

Studium: Master Visuelle Kommunikation und digitale Räume
Jahr: 2022
Mentor*innen: Paloma López, Thomas Bircher, Arno Schubbach

Instagram: @afo__gm

This project aims to set possible parameters for producing juxtaposed and superimposed still and moving images for visual object representation.

Using juxtaposition and superimposition as a design strategy allows the viewer to make analogical reasoning, exploring and establishing hypotheses between different concepts regarding different aspects of the object.

This practice-based master thesis lays his foundation in objects and their aesthetics and functional value since inside objects are embedded aspects of humans like technical achievement, history, ideology, and beliefs.

The complexity and importance of representation in modern days is something that we must be aware of not just for the digital era that we live in but also for the different and possible interpretations that each culture can have regarding specific representation.

The practice of representation is critical because it can establish beliefs and ways of thinking, influencing the production and consumption of products of any kind since representation, as Stuart Hall said, is constitutive of the event itself.

This work is directed to Artists and designers trained to explore and develop different representations using the available tools based on different contextual requirements.

We are responsible for the products and images out there! The good one and the bad one, we need to provide the viewer with quality images to enable them to engage and use images and products as tools to learn and understand.

The method in use in this applied research is the production of juxtaposed e superimposed still and moving images with a compositional analysis providing a transparent and analytical background to what we see and how we see it.

This process has been followed by a content analysis using semiotics as theoretical frameworks creating a critical evaluation of the images also from different perspectives going beneath the mare evidence that the different visual information is showing us.

The outcomes of this Master thesis are sets of visual exploration that deal with the arbitrarity and iconicity of visual signs of several object representations, questioning (visually) aesthetics and functionality of the object represented through visual information.

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