Victoria Paeva


Workshop Matters

Visual inquiry into co-workshops

Studium: Master Visuelle Kommunikation und digitale Räume
Jahr: 2022
Mentor*innen: Paloma López Grüninger, Arno Schubbach, Thomas Bircher


In times of global environmental and economic crisis, designers have a responsibility to not only rethink but be proactive participants in re-making the ways in which we produce. This project envisions workshop spaces as affordances for holistic design practice and a potential contributor to a post-industrial shift in the relationship between design, production and consumption. It is an exploration of workshop spaces in Switzerland and visual approaches to represent them, thus making them accessible for designers and makers.

The questions, navigating the thesis are: how could access to workshops change a designer’s practice? How can visual communication contribute to making co-workshops a more accessible working environment? Furthermore–what are appropriate visual mediums through which to emphasize their inherent qualities? The project embraces the notion that we, as humxns have a basic need to create material things as a way to sustain a relationship with our physical environment.

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