Noemi Parisi


Once upon a time … or: Something I remember

Investigating the connections between a written text and its visual form

Studium: Master Visuelle Kommunikation und digitale Räume
Jahr: 2022
Mentor*innen: Invar Torre Hollaus, Jinsu Ahn, Susanne Käser


Writing and designing a text are two acts that are usually done by different people. But what happens if the author and designer are one person that creates a narrative which transmits a message both through written words and its visual form?

Within my writing process over the past years, I have often felt that I couldn’t communicate my desired messages fully, either because words were missing or because they were not enough to trigger specific emotions or sensations. Thus, within this investigation, I was interested in exploring a process-oriented practice between writing and designing. Through this, I aimed to understand the different methods I could use to create and transmit certain messages as well as trigger emo-tions, feelings, and sensations.

I began by questioning how the perception of a text’s content is influenced by its visual form. Through this, I learnt that a text is influenced both by socially and historically constructed norms and habits, that trigger certain expectations and associations, and by personal, situational, and context-based factors.

This knowledge led to a redirection toward the influence I have as a producer. Using this as a basis I started to explore how I can translate different qualities and characteristics of memories and remembering into a text and its visual form.

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