Michael Munyaradzi Rubaba


Invisible Borders

An outsider's perspective through a participatory approach

Studium: Master Visuelle Kommunikation und digitale Räume
Jahr: 2022
Mentor*innen: Susanne Käser, Jinsu Ahn, Dr. Invar-Torre Hollaus

Mail: micmunyaradzi@gmail.com
Web: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-rubaba-a7b578209

Invisible borders is a participatory experimental project anchored on an explorative way of understanding borders as conceptual and visible depending on lived experiences.

The thesis explores the participatory approach nuances of being on the border using images and discussion. Participation involves discovering how participants’ image-making opens up the interpretation of one being a possible “outsider” or insider. Visual photographic stimuli used trigger conversations and visualizations of a personal nature. Analog media used facilitates engagement with participants. The process of documentation encompasses photographs and illustrations. The use of images remains central to discovering shifting conditions that define boundaries within contemporary and futuristic contexts.

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