Anastasia Bull


Cassandra’s Genesis

The realization of Utopia

Studium: Master Masterstudio Design
Jahr: 2022
Mentor*innen: Jörg Wiesel, Priska Morger, Wally Salner

This collection is a utopian blueprint of a new human image, freed from normative thinking and acting. The work expands the consciousness of our society, provokes an unlearning and relearning and strengthens self-love.

With fluidity on multiple levels as an essential aspect towards equality in our society, Anastasia sees fashion as an important tool to create a connection between people. In her utopia, people have the possibility to strengthen their own perception, to celebrate their true being and to allow themselves to dress the way they want.

The collection includes about 15 looks and accessories such as shoes, jewellery, hats, bags and gloves. The translation of emotions into volumes, textiles, colours, prints and jewellery is a key point of the collection.

During the process, Anastasia intensively studied the features, history and meaning of feminist science-fiction and incorporated the findings into her designs. This results in final pieces that occupy space through their silhouettes and reflect the strength of the wearer. The collection welcomes fluidity, represents emancipation and convincingly emphasises the importance of holistic feminism. With her work, Anastasia created a safe space that leaves room to explore; making her personal utopian dream a reality.

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