Lisa Cipriano


tAbLe oF cOnTeNts

Studium: Master Masterstudio Design
Jahr: 2022
Mentor*innen: Susanna Hertrich, Jörg Wiesel, Lisa Ertel

There are endless proposals from designers on how tables should look.However, those that can be seen at international furniture fairs are mostly just revisions in aesthetics and materiality to adapt to or shape the market. What happens, when these motifs become disloyal to the system?

Regardless of its formal configuration, the table is a kind of reified manifestation of a

traditional habit that grants to secure things and activities performed on it from slipping

or rolling away, as well as to offer support and permanence.

The work “tAbLe oF cOnTeNTs” deals with the sensory manipulation of the table in

order to question the automated value inscription of it and to investigate established

conventions of the subject-object relationship.

The resulting artifacts form a series and represent an investigation by comparing them

to each other in an installation. As objects, they resist the demands of multifunctionality

and raise the question of how the table can influence human interaction. The objects are meant to participate in the world without being artworks, as they can still be described (each in their own way) as functional objects.

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