Sophie Garnier



Studium: Bachelor Prozessgestaltung
Jahr: 2022

Sensitivity is the essence and also the source of my practice and work. I identify myself as HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), an innate temperament trait. My work is about poetry, words, perception, intimacy, vulnerability, translation and transmission. My work is about growth and sometimes stagnation. My work is about joy and tears. It is about my life, thus of a Highly Sensitive and highly verbal Person.

The world I perceive is magical, exhausting, and tumultuous. I live a life in which I never truly feel that I am taking a break from anything. In my world, there is no break, there is only a constant and unceasing amount of internal and external stimuli that I cannot ignore or turn off. Writing in fragments and translating them is a method I use to collect and process my neuro-divergent thoughts. Therefore, the final product of my diploma work is a trilingual book written in fragments and prose that represents a tiny fraction of a “Kind Of Diary” I started writing in April 2021. Primarily, I write in French and English but I turned this book into a trilingual work by incorporating German translations. The book covers the month of April 2021.

After a year of processes towards my topic and practices, I now claim poetry as my activism expressed through different media. Poetry is my activism, but sensitivity is too – therefore, if both are, they become inherent to each other. Poetry is the language in which I can express, translate and transmit my sensitivity most accurately. Yet, poetry can be expressed in an infinite amount of media. Photography is a medium present in my practices since very recently. It naturally found its place on this website and in the book.

The roots and motivations for highlighting the topic of High Sensitivity through my work are to support myself and other people in embracing our own sensitivity.

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