Jasmin Milana Plankensteiner



The intersection of sustainability and sports performance in the alpine sports segment

Studium: Master Masterstudio Design
Jahr: 2023
Mentor*innen: Prof. Nicole Schneider, Prof. Werner Baumhakl, Dr. Meret Ernst, Alfredo Häberli, Pia Scharf
Credits: Camilla Fivian (Photography); Vanessa Berger (Model)
Mail: jasmin.plankensteiner@gmx.de
Instagram: @jasmin_pla

Functionality and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive. To demonstrate this, I devoted my Master’s Thesis to explore circular design approaches. My extensive design based research resulted in a new development of a fully circular alpine sport jacket.

The 3-layer hardshell jacket mono_alpin is designed for alpine sports and forms the intersection between sustainability and sports performance. As a mono-material design, the whole jacket is made of only a single polymer. By implementing innovative welding technologies, mono_alpin can be integrated into a fully circular, hence sustainable production and recycling process.

“Mountains have inspired me since childhood. For me, they mean adventure in the classic sense: discovering the unknown and going beyond one’s own limits.The relevance of good clothing in high alpine regions is beyond question. It ensures personal safety and enables us to perform at our best in extreme conditions and to rise above ourselves.”